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Our privacy lawyers specialize in various forms of privacy violations. Internet privacy issues can come up when other members of your household use your computer, or when people post your personal information online. From public disclosure of private facts (like medical records) to identity theft which is also known as an appropriation of another person's name or likeness, we handle. We even cover cases where there is a physical intrusion of a person’s private affairs, which can include trespassing and unauthorized tape recordings.

Special Privacy Matters & Violations

Internet privacy violations are no laughing matter. Internet privacy issues can be devastating. You need the expert guidance of experienced Internet privacy lawyers who know how to cope with privacy issues on the Internet, in accordance with the Internet privacy laws. 

Yet another form of invasion of privacy is called false light invasion of privacy, and that is related to defamation; false light privacy involves publicity that places a person in a false and unflattering light.

It is imperative that you seek the counsel of experienced privacy lawyers who know how to properly advise clients and litigate privacy lawsuits, if necessary.

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Privacy laws are complicated, but our expert Privacy lawyers Timothy Broderick and Katrina Saleen have the special expertise to unravel them. If you’re struggling with Privacy issues, don’t hesitate to call our Privacy lawyers onto the case.

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