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Lawyer Timothy Broderick and law partner Katrina Saleen at Broderick Saleen help clients throughout the San Francisco Bay area, Santa Cruz, and Monterey Counties and beyond, including Palo Alto and surrounding cities in pursuing defamation (e.g. slander and libel). Timothy Broderick and Katrina Saleen also handle anti-SLAPP motions to strike for claims arising out of a person’s exercise of the constitutional right of petition or free speech, pursuant to California Code of Civil Procedures Section 425.16. See section 425.16 of the Code of Civil Procedures below.

In order to help our clients and potential clients to understand the law, Timothy Broderick and Katrina Saleen provide you with samples of Jury Instructions that are a direct method of understanding what it is that a plaintiff has to prove in a defamation case.

Jury Instruction

How We Can Help You

Our lawyers Timothy Broderick and Katrina Saleen are dedicated to protecting you and ensuring that you are justly compensated for the defamation made against your name, privacy issues, or bouts with bullying. We work expeditiously due to our keen and focused knowledge of these areas of law. 

Use our years experience to your advantage.

Defamation Law

Timothy Broderick and Katrina Saleen at the Broderick Saleen Law Firm has extensive experience in defamation which includes libel and slander. Their experience will aid you in pursuing the complex path to justice. 

Bullying Law

Broderick Saleen offers legal advice to those who have suffered bullying in their workplace or bullying at school.  Timothy Broderick and Katrina Saleen look out for those who cannot look out for themselves.